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Personal+Professional Growth Needs Absolute Clarity!

Raise T.E.A.M Praise
ime, Energy, Alliances, Money reward for having a professional team of experts directing turbulence for clarity to soar higher. Resulting in more freedom for elevating both internal (mindset) and (external) marketing strategies! Clarity Booster Session

No TEAM = No 1st-Class SUCCESS Journey!

WARNING: It’s great that business is bursting at the seams! BUT since you did not equip the survival plan with purposeful action, your TEAM has sound the 1st-Class to SUCCESS emergency alarm — for you to get your head out of the clouds and minimize the dangers of isolated thinking for:

  • Clarifying of personal, team and business direction for unique ways to grow
  • Re-aligning the mind and business with fulfillment and success by transforming stress into success
  • Improving business and client relationships for longevity
  • Measuring business growth to survive and generate sustainable profits
  • Creating multiple income streams and greater work enjoyment for more success through balance

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DON’T PANIC! BOSS stress into success! “Success is a journey, not a destination. Continue with relevant activities BUT be very mindful to always grow your TEAM uniquely …and here is HOW:

TIME – Goal setting and action planning will motivate you to get and stay organized. Make managing and building your business and life with peace of mind a top priority.

ENERGY – Spending more time to align and re-energize your most prized asset…YOU! Strategically design a life-style freedom business model with structure and team support.

ALLIANCES – Forming strategic alliances builds your net-work for net-worth by taking the guess work out of trying to do too much with your own efforts. Get more results with other experts; such as a success coach for development and outsource the office stress for business sanity.

Ensure you work collaboratively with a team who appreciates innovative and strengths-based approaches to proactively balance business and life.

MONEY – Finding and keeping your most profitable clients is attainable by communicating value more effectively (boldly and authentically). To prosper, your Vision Needs Visibility® in order to see and be seen by increasing visibility success and revenue with professional support.

“A well-managed business will transform stress (such as the economy, health issues, etc.) into opportunities and create new methods of doing business that weren’t considered during the good times.” ~ Althea Francis, The BOSS of Stress


If you are tired of struggling for cash, clients, and freedom, DECIDE and COMMIT to 1st-Class SUCCESS. Letting go of the pain and outsourcing the stress is to increase your Time Energy Alliances Money for maximum growth!

You will always be the ‘BOSS’ of your stress, giving up control is for creating what matters most in your life! business & life can be richly blessed with… Clarity Booster Session

The SURVIVAL PLAN is for working smarter so business & life can be richly blessed!

It is safe to say that building a solid business foundation is a challenging task; especially with your own efforts. Stay positive knowing that it is ‘normal’ to feel overwhelmed and unproductive when business is bursting at the seams. However, grow your TEAM with purpose in order to accelerate the 1st-Class success journey (with absolute clarity).

Although stress is a part of life, you must always be free to thrive and prosper with other TEAM (Time, Energy, Alliances, and Money) experts needed for a smooth (stress-to-success) journey. Build trust to remove the blind fold and take comfort in the fact that you do not have to do everything by yourself. As ‘The BOSS’, failure is not an option so keep the focus on promoting/developing your expertise to grow authentically. It should be no surprise that stress is used to grow the next level of success. Resulting in More Time and Less Stress for Business SUCCESS!

More Questions? You may need additional help to discover which program works best for you!

Clarity Booster Session Review your unique needs and receive solutions tailored specifically for you.

Althea Francis
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