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ready-set-go MITCEY360 ✌Manage Imbalance Timely CAN Empower Y♡U Regardless of relevant situation Claim Your Gift 1st(chronic stress pain of bullying, divorce, eviction, loss of job/loved one, health scare); your Vision Needs Visibility to successfully... ESCAPE ❥EVALUATE ❥ELEVATE …both internal (mindset) AND (external) educational marketing strategies… Achieve proactive balance with priceless boost of clarity with hard-boot of reality (20 min); coupled with two (1 hour) sessions, below.


K!ck ASSet Hire+F!re MindSet

During the 30-day period receive two (1 hour) laser coaching sessions by phone — to identify barriers success with tailored solutions.

Decide and commit to collaborative leadership for succession meeting plan of action. Let’s become strategic partners in SUCCESS so our business & life can be richly blessed (less costly mistakes, painful guessing, and overwhelming uncertainty).

    • Clarifying of personal, team and business direction when the visionary needs visibility.
    • Re-aligning mind and business with fulfillment by successfully transforming stress into success.
    • Improving business and client relationships for longevity.
    • Measuring business growth to survive and generate sustainable profits.

Most people still appreciate the truth for absolute clarity to…Hire+F!re Recession+Depression Wise+Precisely.

Creating greater work enjoyment and increased profitability for life-style freedom. Come to each session prepared to K!ck ASSet Hire to raise your bottom of the line. Easily get unplugged and reconnect authentically with growth solutions to work with your personality, work-style, goals, etc.

copy-slide-img-12.jpgSTEP 1: Prior to the 1st session:

  • Receive and return your completed questionnaire (for total transformation) by email.

STEP 2: During the 1st meeting (by phone):

  • Collaboratively explore and implement a plan of action for the next 30 days to re-ignite and manage your 1s-class to success journey. Your commitment and my expertise will keep you prioritized (bonus: notes will be sent to you via email).

STEP 3: After session 1, schedule another 1-on-1 call (45 minutes) to:

  • Explore solutions for the barriers to your success.
  • Keep you focused on implementation with unique solution(s) for self-navigation and business development during the next three months to achieve your goals.
  • Learn about my ongoing coaching programs, answer any questions that you have about them, and decide if we’re a good fit for a strategic partnership.

Use Stress MESSage to Step-Into-SUCCESS!

Stress is not f’ree; since inaction is more costly. Know your freedom destination priceless.

Vision Needs Visibility” TOUR. Loyalty+Royalty with Follow Up Response SysTEAM … Time. Energy. Alliances. Money. Fearlessly #KickASSetHire @TheBOSSofStress

Let’s walk-the-talk collaboratively and Convert to Conserve! After experiencing the value of working with a thought partner, you may also benefit from ongoing coaching with TEAM support.

Ready to commit to going FASTER with collaborative action? Sign-up below to shine brighter than before and by beating burn-out.

This 1-on-1 support will accelerate your Time. Energy. Alliances. Money short-term (with exponential results within the next 30 days). The long-term goal is to motivate you to stay aligned (with the mindset and educational marketing strategies).

focus on successGot Questions?

Sign-up for a Clarity Booster Session: Communicating value to ensure we will work well together.Once you reserve your space below, you will be contacted to schedule your first laser session. If you are a busy professional (coach, speaker, trainer, virtual professional, etc.) who needs to avoid a bursting point…Free up the playing field for everyone… Raise T.E.A.M Praise! (Time. Energy. Alliances. Money)! ALSO stay connected LinkedIn, facebook, twitter.

boss-briefcase-logoReached Success by Society’s Standards?

If you are at a crossroad or feel you are not achieving your full potential, the advances in technology have made

providing affordable solutions more accessible!

The goal is to raise your vibration even hire. Resulting in a worthwhile investment to gain absolute clarity. Exponentially catapult your business (in 30 days or less) because your Vision Needs Visibility 365 to optimize life… FUNd+Mentally.

Take a BIG LEAP of faith this year and decisively commit to managing your professional life!

Time. Energy. Alliances. Money!

#1 GOAL: K!ck ASSet Hire with The BOSS of Stress® for goal setting and action plan tracking to integrate automated business systems to optimize life by mastering peace.

RELAX! You’re Not Alone…

Sit down 1-on-1 for a full or half-day for collaborative action in order get unplugged and reconnect authentically by overcoming a bursting point.

Recession…Depression… Inaction is costly! Bridging the gap for reaching beyond your limits to manage your life and business.

Here is a break-down of the time reserved for …YOU!

  • BEFORE: ESCAPE to remove anxiety by beating burn-out! Prepared with a checklist and questionnaire via e-mail to fill out for self-awareness to fuel success journey.
  • DURING: EVALUATE Eliminate isolated thinking with business common sense! Customized agenda for focusing on goals with to take the guesswork out of business development success for longevity.
  • FOLLOW-UP: ELEVATE Soar Hire when Vision Needs Visibility TOUR! Ongoing collaboration for maximizing growth opportunities with The BOSS of Stress (invaluable=pricele$$). Continue taking positive action with support putting things into practice and keep up the momentum of your business growth.

Treat yourself to a day of special attention — for office staff, owners/managers and team to perform roles easier. Let’s get started with the three questions below to get more for yourself, your family and your business… Get advance notice when we open the doors for the next enrollment. Click here

Decisively sign-up below to be notified of the next enrollment date. In the meantime, begin receiving your first lesson reignite the success fire…hire!


Respect your privacy – so promise no spam, and your email address will never be shared. You can unsubscribe at any time.


HEAD 1st-Class to SUCCESS

It takes business common sense to Raise T.E.A.M Praise (Time. Energy. Alliances. Money). Self-Awareness to Navigate 1st-Class Success Smoothly… “what you want, wants you”

#1 GOAL: Make everyday a happy new year! Let’s become strategic partners in SUCCESS so our business and life can be richly blessed.

Exploring rewarding ways for getting paying clients to refer YOU to othersA step-by-step process developed to decisively unleash your unique brilliance to shine brighter when communicating value and genuinely. Goal setting and action plan tracking session for intensive business, internet, and marketing strategies. Increasing your online presence to target your most profitable clients.

  1. Shift MindSet to GO Pro+FiT – Addressing challenges with tailored solution.
  2. Target Preview MESSage – Reconnect authentically by communicating value.
  3. Structure Succession Plan – Navigating smoothly produces Time. Energy. Alliances. Money (TEAM Appreciation)
  4. Follow-Up Response – Evaluating specific follow-up initiatives for beneficial rewards.
  5. Rewards for Referrals – Reliable system for making sure each client stays, pays and refers.
  6. Multiple Income Streams – Implement different success strategies (acquire and keep clients).
  7. Maximize Growth Opportunities – Customize and stay focused on your 3 grow opportunities.
You deserve a life-style freedom business that practically runs itself on auto-pilot to fuel the 1st-class to success journey.

Sign-up for weekly coaching sessions – learn more by scheduling your complimentary Clarity Booster for more focus on health and wealth alignment.

balance-hire coach

Althea Francis is The BOSS of Stress® and the visionary of the Vision Needs Visibility® programs to Hire SUCCESS to Fire Stress. A Certified Coach with an online business management background who believes in life-long learning. Join in-depth coaching program designed to increase revenue and decrease overwhelm.

The advances in technology have made it more accessible to achieve global success!

Decisively sign-up below to be notified of the next program enrollment date and to begin receiving your first lesson on collaborative ACTION!


We respect your privacy – we promise no spam, and your email address will never be shared. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Reserve your 1-on-1 TOUR today!

Time sensitive offer to take action right away! This special (for $595) also needs your commitment after the program to collaborate over the phone (10 – 20 min at completion of the program) and offer constructive feedback. Below are a few potential questions (3 KEY components) for elevating our success to keep moving forward:

  1. What BIG leap gave the most results/rewards by working collaboratively on our success journey?
  2. Was it a worthwhile investment to re-energize your prized asset…YOU?
  3. How would you communicate your stress-to-success message with others (colleague or friend)?

ALSO stay connected… with on LinkedIn, facebook, twitter.


Book a presentation with no-cost 20 min Clarity Booster Session? ALSO stay connected LinkedIn, facebook, twitter.



  • Want to re-align your mind with fulfillment and success to thrive hire with TEAM success.
  • Serious to gain more time and less stress for business success to optimize life.
  • Will trust and explore ideal solutions and without reinvent the wheel.
  • Need to leverage the Internet and relationships from start-to-profit in order to raise your vibration hire than before.
  • Discuss commitment level to earn FAR MORE than your investment in ongoing coaching.

1-on-1 Coaching

  • Look forward to personalized attention to cover barriers to your success; if you are a business owner or entrepreneur that wants:
    • to focus on short-term goals
    • to explore success growth strategies
    • long term accountability and sustained growth

Group Coaching

  • Enhance your company’s vision and mission by investing in today’s leadership

On-Site Consulting

  • The BOSS of Stress will visit your office (GTA-Greater Toronto Area) for on-going coaching support to maximize your business structure


Ready to re-ignite the 1st-class success fire…hire?
Collaboration Required!

  1. Be very mindful to acknowledge and discuss challenges; and not only your performance goals.
  2. Commit to unleashing your unique brilliance by avoiding interruptions with strong boundaries.
  3. Decisively apply each success mind shifts and expertly live it out loud and proud.
  4. Leap into purposeful action with strategic alliances for stability and longevity.



Try a Clarity Booster Consultation & Goal Setting Session! $125/hour

(or $100/hour for retainer/contract clients)


Packages may be customized to meet your needs.For more details, contact us now to set-up a 30 minute complimentary consultation to soar ‘hire’. After our introductory conversation, the process to get started is simple – you will receive email instructions to set-up your coaching sessions.

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