Regardless of your current situation (bullying, financial crisis, divorce, loss of job or a loved one, and/or a health scare), your stress can and will help you find successful solutions to bounce back ‘hire‘ than before!

Enjoy these Quotes written by The BOSS of Stress to Hire Your SUCCESS!

Ding! Ding!In the ring with or without a team to knock-out any solution that promotes a fixed fight and is unfit to raise bottoms off the unequal line; with renewed minds set to build stability that’s a blessing for continued success!” ~Althea Francis, The BOSS of Stress®

Ding! Ding! It’s not the right time to play blind because even the CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind) can clearly see that the human head cannot generate without turning on the power. When you disable your abilities, you’ve lost your mind and your rights because there are no job openings for the blind leading the blind to light.” ~Althea Francis, The BOSS of Stress®

“A well-managed business will transform stress (such as the economy, health issues, etc.) into opportunities and create new methods of doing business that weren’t considered during the good times.” ~Althea Francis, The BOSS of Stress®

“Since we all have red blood running through our vein, my blood type is ‘be positive’ so there is no room for negativity in my life!” ~Althea Francis, The BOSS of Stress®

Fire Pain for Hire Gain…Let’s become strategic partners in SUCCESS so our business & life can be richly blessed! www.BOSSofStress.com

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