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When you hurt, you hurt relationships, family, and career! Success is in reach so what are you waiting for; more stress to pull you down. Intently choose to be… free at last; free at last… The BOSS of Stress is Hiring

☜Everyone is at different stages of consciousness☞

Begins 4.14.14 - Register and Participate for Free!WELCME… Personal and professional growth needs absolute clarity.  Support The iCANJAM Party in Finding Your Fl♥w...with The LAW of Attraction  Unique Selling Proposition (USP) as secret weapon! Invite your group to join you on this dress-stress-for-success-journey for seamless transformation (peace, possibility, potential). Leveraging natural ability to effortlessly heal dis-ease (raise vibrancy currency of desired fulfillment). Sign-up today for heart pumping and energy moving energy event. Apr.21 Easter|Apr.24 B-Day|Apr.14 #FindingYourFlow

You deserve a life-style freedom business that practically runs itself on auto-pilot to fuel and sustain success with vibrancy.

OnFire-Wow tourHeal Dis-Ease☞MSTER Art of FACTUALIZATION☜Hire Vision Needs Visibility

Linguistic Fossils of the Mind’s EYE What U Want☀Wants U

Business Common Sense Takes NO Non-Sense Politics Too! Finding Your ENERGY Flow with Althea Francis, Certified Life Coach (2008) with Post-Graduate in Fundraising & Volunteer Management (2003). Improving Human-Relations to heal dis—ease beyond money and power.  Recruited as a trigger happy trouble shooter  ‘LiVE-THESiS’  in pursuit of aim. OnF!re to K!ck ASSet HireBe as happy as you make-up your mind to be; re-energizing your prized assetYOU…reducing fixed-cost of jumping off the fiscal-cliff !

Overcome a bursting point without self-sacrificing. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Note from AltheaLive Thesis of Golding Beginnings Return of the come-back… Mental health recovery is mind boggling; especially with stigma silencing worthwhile attribution and contribution — healing dis-ease through emotional intelligence. “The opinion which other people have of you is their problem, not yours.” Elizabeth KublerRoss, Psychologist. Apr.21-Easter | Apr.24-Rebirth | Apr.14-Finding Your Flow

The BOSS of Stress is Hiring.
Most  aren’t using effective communication for improving customer service and experience (10 % words, 60% body language, 30% tone of voice).

Attribution=Return On Experience (ROE)
Contribution=Return On Investment (ROI)
SUCCESSION Planning Meeting (MITCEY360)

Cooperation is an asset that can only be gained by giving and receiving to respond with absolute clarity! Breaking the silence, Feb.26.14 news (no surprise); confirmed ADHD/ADD. Focusing on expanding/re-branding Finding Your Flow As Seen On Oprah & Deepak Chopra. So are You Down with OPP – ‘Other People’s Property’.

Sick and Tired of Stress Ticking You Off? Finding Your Energy Flow… for the Successfully Frustrated


Let’s become strategic partners in success so our business and life can be richly blessed! Regardless of recession/depression (chronic pain, bullying, divorce, eviction, loss of job/loved one, health scare) — stress (of rejection/objection/social isolation) can AND will empower you to easily step into success; profoundly. “Year Of The Horse” Mark your calendar – Please take note of these important details:

Finding Your Flow of ENERGY — begins Apr.24.14. @TheBOSSofStress Hire #VisionNeedsVisibility #FindingYourFlow

Althea2“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” It’s great that business life is bursting at the seams… Since you didn’t equip the SUCCESSION plan to uncover barriers collaboratively with purposeful action, your TEAM (Time.Energy.Alliances.Money) sounded the emergency alarm (F!re Drill) — for you to get your head out of the clouds to minimize the dangers of isolated thinking! Do you appreciate innovative and strengths-based approaches to address transition challenges?

Discovering how mind boggling mental-health recovery is; especially when left to our own demise (isolated thinking)! Synchronized the process and ready to re-connect authentically by starting a mastermind for decisive leaders. Let’s become strategic partners in SUCCESS so our business & life can be richly blessed.Care and Share it: ☞Master Art of FACTUALIZATION☜ It’s not too late to take a big leap of faith this year with a renewed mindset to raise vibrancy currency. Stay calm in any storm; living victoriously since failure is not an option!

Technology made convenience more affordable and accessible! Self-navigation and educational marketing strategies for personal and professional transformation through pleasurable emotions (positive memories/beliefs/successes) on social circuits! Directing turbulence even more accessible and with very little investment; which is great! Need High Value Clients to Build Ongoing Revenue? SUCCESS [@] Clarity Booster Session to discover if program is the right fit – to charge each month for the email coaching program. You may cancel your at any time.

About Althea“A well-managed business will transform challenges (such as the economy, health issues, etc.) into opportunities and create new methods of doing business that weren’t considered during the good times.” ~ Althea Francis

Use it before you lose it…

MITCEY360-globeA success thought partner for overcoming society’s standards. Making the process of managing life, a business, and marketing products/services online less frightening. With proven tools to proactively balance life; leveraging the internet and relationships (from start to profit).

Althea worked on herself to be attractive to clients and most of those around her to gain a good degree of credibility.  Just when she thought she was home free, another challenge in her blind spot AGAIN…Recession…Depression! The physical limitation was also paralyzing her productivity/profitability…OUCH! Now she is sharing first-hand that stress is part of life and inaction is costly – to truly raise your bottom off the line with ease. Raise T.E.A.M Praise


The F.ollow U.p SysTEAM

Time. Energy. Alliances. Money reward for having a professional team of experts directing turbulence for clarity to soar higher. Resulting in more freedom for elevating both internal (mindset) and (external) marketing strategies! Clarity Booster Session

WARNING: Head 1st-Class to SUCCESS since Personal and Professional Growth Needs Absolute Clarity for:

  • Clarifying of personal, team and business direction for unique ways to grow
  • Re-aligning the mind and business with fulfillment and success by transforming stress into success
  • Improving business and client relationships for longevity
  • Measuring business growth to survive and generate sustainable profits
  • Creating multiple income streams and greater work enjoyment for more success through balance

CLICK HERE to learn more. DON’T PANIC! BOSS stress into success “Success is a journey, not a destination.” Continue with relevant activities BUT be very mindful to always grow your TEAM uniquely …and here is HOW:TIME – Goal setting and action planning will motivate you to get and stay organized. Make managing and building your business and life with peace of mind a top priority.

ENERGY – Spending more time to align and re-energize your most prized asset…YOU! Strategically design a life-style freedom business model with structure and team support.

ALLIANCES – Forming strategic alliances builds your net-work for net-worth by taking the guess work out of trying to do too much with your own efforts. Get more results with other experts; such as a success coach for development and outsource the office stress for business sanity.

Ensure you work collaboratively with a team who appreciates innovative and strengths-based approaches to proactively balance business and life.

MONEY – Finding and keeping your most profitable clients is attainable by communicating value more effectively (boldly and authentically). To prosper, your Vision Needs Visibility® in order to see and be seen by increasing visibility success and revenue with professional support.

“A well-managed business will transform stress (such as the economy, health issues, etc.) into opportunities and create new methods of doing business that weren’t considered during the good times.” ~ Althea Francis, The BOSS of Stress


If you are tired of struggling for cash, clients, and freedom, DECIDE and COMMIT to 1st-Class SUCCESS. Letting go of the pain and outsourcing the stress is to increase your Time Energy Alliances Money for maximum growth!

You will always be the ‘BOSS’ of your stress, giving up control is for creating what matters most in your life! business & life can be richly blessed with… Clarity Booster Session The SURVIVAL PLAN is for working smarter so business & life can be richly blessed!

It is safe to say that building a solid business foundation is a challenging task; especially with your own efforts. Stay positive knowing that it is ‘normal’ to feel overwhelmed and unproductive when business is bursting at the seams. However, grow your TEAM with purpose in order to accelerate the 1st-Class success journey (with absolute clarity).

Although stress is a part of life, you must always be free to thrive and prosper with other TEAM (Time, Energy, Alliances, and Money) experts needed for a smooth (stress-to-success) journey. Build trust to remove the blind fold and take comfort in the fact that you do not have to do everything by yourself. As ‘The BOSS’, failure is not an option so keep the focus on promoting/developing your expertise to grow authentically. It should be no surprise that stress is used to grow the next level of success. 

More Questions? You may need additional help to discover which program works best for you!

Clarity Booster Session Review your unique needs and receive solutions tailored specifically for you.

Easy to stay connected for leveraging the power of the internet, building strategic alliances, and boosting your profits.

“Success is a journey, not a destination.”

workshoplogo-kickOnline Visibility, Outsourcing, and Automation Success Strategies to Manage Your Professional Life!

Everywhere you look, someone and their company are collaborating with success strategists and performance coaches as they are the difference between profit and loss for busy professionals.

Profiting on/off-line is not easy for a new or established professionals and without the right support system! YOU deserve this timely gift for a healthy shot of surviving to generate and sustain the path to success with vibrancy… makes business common sense to increase profit potential.

Get advance notice when we open the doors for the next enrollment.

Finding Your Flow to Live Your Life…
Success and performance coaches are excellent resources for professionals and entrepreneurs to survive and generate sustainable growth. Eliminate the Process of Isolated Thinking! Beating Burn-Out Automating Protocols and Processes!

Take this powerful stress-to-success journey for feeling refreshed, empowered, and clear headed. Helping to improve your balance as you travel the super-highway of life with much more ease, peace of mind, and confidence. Purposefully implementing unique ways to perform roles easier and with more drive to manifest goals with decisive action.


Proven life and business management systems to accelerate the 1st-class to success journey (in 1 year or less).

Connect from the Comfort of Your Home/Office! Discover the steps to maximize Time, Energy, Alliances, and Money.

  • A month for a year’s worth of plan with online/offline strategies, delivered in easy-to-implement lessons for worthwhile growth opportunities.

In person, by phone, or Skype; clearly develop your own internal mindset process for overcoming re-occurring personal/professional obstacles. You will be guided step-by-step to make positive changes for advancing natural abilities for managing business for a healthier life-style.

It’s easy to leverage links to hire the success:

Althea Recommends

puzzle-ask a coach

Join an in-depth coaching and implementation program designed to increase revenue and decrease overwhelm.

Clarity Booster Session! Schedule your no obligation consultation to discover which program will let your Unique Brilliance Shine Brighter! FAQ are listed below for convenience… so explore renewing your mindset.


1-on-1 Coaching:

  • Look forward to personalized attention to cover barriers to your success. Enhance your company’s vision and mission by investing in today’s leadership. The BOSS of Stress will visit your office (Greater Toronto Area) for on-going coaching support to maximize your business structure

Goal setting and action plan tracking session for intensive business, internet, and marketing strategies. Increasing your online presence to target your most profitable clients.

Ready to re-ignite the 1st-class success fire? Schedule a session to review your unique needs and receive solutions tailored specifically for you.

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Try a Clarity Booster Consultation & Goal Setting Session! $125/hour

(or $100/hour for retainer/contract clients)


Packages may be customized to meet your needs.For more details, contact us now to set-up a 30 minute complimentary consultation to soar ‘hire’. After our introductory conversation, the process to get started is simple – you will receive email instructions to set-up your coaching sessions.

Get advance notice when we open the doors for the next enrollment.

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